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Anti-Bug Mugs

For those working within a specialist or sterile environment, the Anti Bug mug is equipped with a specialist germ-killing coating, which protects users and clients from the spread of contact diseases. Clinically proven to kill bacteria from 50 common organisms, the coating continues to act throughout the lifetime of the product. The mug can be printed in a range of processes, and clients can be safe in the knowledge that even their tableware is actively preventing disease.

AntiBug®  Marlborough Mug

AntiBug®  Marlborough Mug ›

From £2.23

This Marlborough style is a fine china mug offered in white.  100% …

AntiBug®  Marrow Mug

AntiBug®  Marrow Mug ›

From £1.98

The Marrow is one of the most popular earthenware mug styles and comes in a…

AntiBug®  Mini Marrow Mug

AntiBug®  Mini Marrow Mug ›

From £1.72

The Mini Marrow is a smaller version of one of the most popular earthenware mug…

AntiBug®  Opal ColourCoat Mug

AntiBug®  Opal ColourCoat Mug ›

From £3.38

Opal style mug with intense pantone matched body colour that will not fade…

AntiBug®  Opal Mug

AntiBug®  Opal Mug ›

From £2.73

The Opal is an elegant but robust bone china mug which we decorate by direct…

AntiBug® Atlantic Mug

AntiBug® Atlantic Mug ›

From £1.71

The Atlantic shaped mug is offered in white. 100%  dishwasher proof. This…

AntiBug® Bell Mug

AntiBug® Bell Mug ›

From £1.71

The Bell shaped mug is offered in white, black & midnight blue. 100% …

AntiBug® ColourCoat Marrow Mug

AntiBug® ColourCoat Marrow Mug ›

From £2.99

Marrow style mug with intense pantone matched body colour that will not fade…

AntiBug® Durham Photo Mug

AntiBug® Durham Photo Mug ›

From £2.70

Impress your clients with stunning full colour printed PhotoMugs, decorated by…

AntiBug® Durham/Cambridge Mug

AntiBug® Durham/Cambridge Mug ›

From £1.71

These two bestselling mugs are very similar in style. Our white mug is a Durham…

AntiBug® Lincoln Mug

AntiBug® Lincoln Mug ›

From £1.71

The Lincoln is slimmer in comparison to other earthenware mugs. Decorated by…

AntiBug® Mini Marrow ColourCoat Mug

AntiBug® Mini Marrow ColourCoat Mug ›

From £2.62

A popular style of mug with with your choice of pantone matched body colour that…

AntiBug® Newbury Mug

AntiBug® Newbury Mug ›

From £1.72

The Newbury mug is a classically elegant earthenware mug ideal for promoting…

AntiBug® Quadra Mug

AntiBug® Quadra Mug ›

From £2.15

The popular Quadra shaped mug is offered in white or black.This product is…

AntiBug® Sparta Colourcoat Mug

AntiBug® Sparta Colourcoat Mug ›

From £2.29

Sparta style mug with intense pantone matched body colour that will not fade…

AntiBug® Sparta Mug

AntiBug® Sparta Mug ›

From £1.71

For an alternative style of earthenware mug, opt for the Sparta; available in a…