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Mug & Plate Packaging

When selecting promotional products, packaging is an important aspect to consider if customers are buying directly from your business. World of Mugs has an extensive selection of packaging options for mugs and plates, with coloured individual mug boxes, presentation boxes for plates, and many more. These products are also available for printing and can be constructed completely bespoke with large order quantities.

Acetate Mug Box

Acetate Mug Box ›

From £0.55

Point of sale presentation packaging, works really well with a printed card…

Coloured Mug Packaging

Coloured Mug Packaging ›

From £0.65

Coloured mug box suitable for mug presentation. This product is not suitable for…

Customised Boxes

Customised Boxes ›

From £0.67

We can custom make boxes for you.

Double Mug Box

Double Mug Box ›

From £0.70

Double walled box suitable for mailing out two mugs

Extended Single Mug Box

Extended Single Mug Box ›

From £0.53

Similar to the single card box, but extented making it suitable for taller mugs.

Polystyrene Mug Mailer

Polystyrene Mug Mailer ›

From £0.50

Two halves fit together to protect the mug, ideal for mailing

Quad Mug Box

Quad Mug Box ›

From £0.90

Double walled box suitable for mailing or storage of four mugs

Single Mug Box

Single Mug Box ›

From £0.40

Double walled single card box

Six Mug Corrugated Mug Box

Six Mug Corrugated Mug Box ›

From £1.15

Double walled box for six mugs

Six Mug Polystyrene Box

Six Mug Polystyrene Box ›

From £2.30

Six pack polystyrene Mug mailing box