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Decorating methods

Ceramic decoration pushes the boundaries of silk screen printing to the furthest limit. Our decorators are continually developing new systems, new techniques and new machines to improve what we already know to be one of the most efficient decorators in Europe.

Metallic Colour Coats

Metallic coats are an eye-catching way to display your company logo or design.

Laser etching and sandblasting

Laser etching and sandblasting cut into the surface of the mug, leaving a rough textured imprint.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a great printing method for photos and non-vector artwork. The print is clamped to the mug and heated until absorbed into the surface.

Digital Printing Process

Digital process uses laser printing to produce a full colour image on paper, in a similar style to transfer printing. The print is cover coated, and then water slid into position.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is useful for curved and hard to reach surfaces. It produces a beautiful, well registered print using colour separations printed onto wax paper.

Direct Screen Printing

Direct screen printing is used to print on the surface of a mug via a mesh screen

3D Printing

3D printing uses a piece of moulded clay on the mug exterior to provide a novel visual and aesthetic charm.