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Additional branding areas

A number of different ways to brand your mug! Take a look at inside rim printing, backstamps, gilding, sandblasting and handle flashes.

Inside Base Printing

Like a backstamp, but on the inside of the mug! Catch your customers attention with another innovative printing position.


Backstamps ensure your message is clearly seen, even when mugs are stored away or when you're drinking. Transfer print a fun message or your logo to the bottom of your printed mugs today!

Handle flashes

Add a touch of colour and a handmade quality with handle flashes.

Handle printing

Telephone numbers and website addresses work brilliantly printed on the handle of our mug range!

Gilding and Banding

Gilding or banding involves coating the rim of a mug or glass with colour; typically gold or silver in gilding, with a variety available for banding.

Inside Rim Printing

Keep customers even closer to your brand! With inside rim printing, every sip reminds them of your company website or logo.