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Why marketing campaigns and promotional glassware go hand in hand

Posted October 2012 by Inder Brar

​There are very few promotional items that offer the versatility that glassware does, which is why so many businesses opt for beer, shot and wine glasses as their marketing item of choice. When you purchase printed glassware, you’ll find that it fits in with a wide variety of branded promotional events.

But why is it exactly, that glassware is the preferred choice for so many companies? Well, firstly, it’s suitable for use as both a high end, luxury gift, as well as a budget-friendly item for large scale marketing campaigns. For instance, a crystal wine glass, when engraved with an employee’s name, makes for a beautiful retirement or leaving-do gift; it’s something which the employee will appreciate, use and admire for years to come. On the other hand, for companies that want to use high-quality, inexpensive promotional items for a large event being held at a bar, restaurant or nightclub, shot glasses and tankards would work brilliantly.   Glassware is also something that is likely to be used by its recipient; the problem with some promotional products is that, whilst they may look pretty or be fun to use, they are not practical, or may be aimed at a very specific target audience, which only serves to limit brand awareness, rather than increase it. However, wine glasses and tankards will be of use to the recipients; these are items which will be used on a regular basis (by all those aged over eighteen, of course!).   For companies who intend to order promotional glasses, for use at a dinner event, awards ceremony, seminar or conference, it’s usually best to order a variety of glasses, as this will appeal to a broader spectrum of people. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to drinks, with some preferring wine, and others beers. With a good selection of different glasses, companies will find that their promotional products will please everyone in attendance at their event. When choosing the quantity of each glass type, it’s a good idea to firstly consider the type of clientele that will be served at the event; for instance, will the guests be older and perhaps more mature? In this case, whiskey tumblers and wine glasses will usually suffice. However, for events where most of the audience will be quite young, beer and shot glasses might be more appropriate.