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“Many business owners find the idea of using promotional photo mugs appealing, but are unsure as to how to use them effectively.”

The many ways in which promotional photo mugs can be used by businesses

Posted October 2012 by webmaster

​Many business owners find the idea of using promotional photo mugs appealing, but are unsure as to how to use them effectively. In this article, we provide a quick rundown of the many ways in which these promotional items can be used.

Printed coffee mugs with colour graphics and a photo can be used to highlight employees of the month. Images of the company’s staff can also be added to mugs being handed out at exhibitions and trade fairs, so as to make the company appear more personable and friendly. We all know that running a successful business is all about trust and recognition, and what better way to develop this than adding some smiling employee faces to your promotional mugs?

For companies that are in the midst of a product launch, coffee and tea mugs are the perfect place on which to print a picture of the product in question. Because high tech printed methods are now used, these images can be made clear, sharp and bright, thus creating an attractive picture of the product and enticing people to buy it. Yet another way for promotional photo mugs to be used is for images from the company getaway. When larger corporations organise competitions for luxury trips for their clients or employees, photo mugs are the perfect way to promote the contest. When lots of these colourful mugs, depicting, perhaps, a sunny palm-fringed beach are given to people during the announcement of the competition, these mugs will ensure that the recipients are reminded of it every time they take a sip of their tea or coffee. Promotional mugs with a bright photograph are frequently used as part of fundraising campaigns too. Youth clubs, school groups, charities and sports clubs can choose a relevant image (such as, for instance, a picture of the football team) and have this printed on some mugs, which can then be distributed before the event to promote it, or during the event, where they can be used to serve hot drinks to those attending. Lastly, businesses can use photo mugs for their seasonal marketing efforts. These mugs are available in almost any colour combination, so the business could, at Christmas time, order them in red and green, and print a Christmas-themed company image on the surface. These mugs can then be used as seasonal gifts to both employees and customers.